1. the procedure of calculating; determining something by mathematical or logical methods
Syn: ↑calculation, ↑computation
Derivationally related forms: ↑computational (for: ↑computation), ↑compute (for: ↑computation), ↑calculate (for: ↑calculation)
Hypernyms: ↑procedure, ↑process
2. the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
Syn: ↑computer science
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addressable, ↑on-line, ↑online, ↑off-line, ↑interoperable, ↑streaming, ↑parallel, ↑serial, ↑in series, ↑nonparallel, ↑real-time, ↑stovepiped, ↑machine readable, ↑computer readable, ↑open-source, ↑allocation, ↑storage allocation, ↑data encryption, ↑desktop publishing, ↑access, ↑memory access, ↑accumulator, ↑accumulator register, ↑background, ↑desktop, ↑screen background, ↑backup, ↑computer backup, ↑buffer, ↑buffer storage, ↑buffer store, ↑bulletin board system, ↑bulletin board, ↑electronic bulletin board, ↑bbs, ↑cache, ↑memory cache, ↑central processing unit, ↑CPU, ↑C.P.U., ↑central processor, ↑processor, ↑mainframe, ↑computer, ↑computing machine, ↑computing device, ↑data processor, ↑electronic computer, ↑information processing system, ↑computer circuit, ↑computer network, ↑control key, ↑command key, ↑core, ↑magnetic core, ↑counter, ↑cursor, ↑pointer, ↑dedicated file server, ↑dialog box, ↑panel, ↑DIP switch, ↑dual inline package switch, ↑disk controller, ↑disk drive, ↑disc drive, ↑hard drive, ↑Winchester drive, ↑display adapter, ↑display adaptor, ↑dongle, ↑drive, ↑erasable programmable read-only memory, ↑EPROM, ↑file server, ↑firewall, ↑foreground, ↑hardware, ↑computer hardware, ↑index register, ↑interface, ↑port, ↑light pen, ↑electronic stylus, ↑magnetic core memory, ↑core memory, ↑magnetic disk, ↑magnetic disc, ↑disk, ↑disc, ↑node, ↑client, ↑guest, ↑non-dedicated file server, ↑peripheral, ↑computer peripheral, ↑peripheral device, ↑pixel, ↑pel, ↑picture element, ↑printer, ↑RAM disk, ↑read-only memory, ↑ROM, ↑read-only storage, ↑fixed storage, ↑read/write head, ↑head, ↑register, ↑rotary actuator, ↑positioner, ↑router, ↑screen saver, ↑security system, ↑server, ↑host, ↑shift register, ↑track, ↑data track, ↑virtual memory, ↑virtual storage, ↑window, ↑computer architecture, ↑architecture, ↑complex instruction set computing, ↑complex instruction set computer, ↑CISC, ↑reduced instruction set computing, ↑reduced instruction set computer, ↑RISC, ↑nonsolid color, ↑nonsolid colour, ↑dithered color, ↑dithered colour, ↑execution speed, ↑bits per inch, ↑bpi, ↑interoperability, ↑emulation, ↑terminal emulation, ↑simulation, ↑computer simulation, ↑descriptor, ↑information theory, ↑logic, ↑ontology, ↑video, ↑electronic mail, ↑e-mail, ↑email, ↑prompt, ↑command prompt, ↑filename, ↑file name, ↑computer filename, ↑computer file name, ↑code, ↑computer code, ↑argument, ↑parameter, ↑address, ↑computer address, ↑reference, ↑American Standard Code for Information Interchange, ↑ASCII, ↑ASCII character set, ↑firmware, ↑microcode, ↑core dump, ↑dump, ↑soft copy, ↑hard copy, ↑directory, ↑subdirectory, ↑menu, ↑computer menu, ↑hierarchical menu, ↑cascading menu, ↑submenu, ↑computer file, ↑backup file, ↑binary file, ↑master file, ↑main file, ↑disk file, ↑transaction file, ↑detail file, ↑input file, ↑input data, ↑output file, ↑read-only file, ↑text file, ↑document, ↑software, ↑software program, ↑computer software, ↑software system, ↑software package, ↑package, ↑operating system, ↑OS, ↑program, ↑programme, ↑computer program, ↑computer programme, ↑disambiguator, ↑job, ↑compiler, ↑compiling program, ↑driver, ↑device driver, ↑editor program, ↑editor, ↑user interface, ↑interpreter, ↑interpretive program, ↑text editor, ↑utility program, ↑utility, ↑service program, ↑instruction, ↑command, ↑statement, ↑program line, ↑electronic database, ↑on-line database, ↑computer database, ↑electronic information service, ↑high-level formatting, ↑low-level formatting, ↑initialization, ↑initialisation, ↑GIGO, ↑protocol, ↑communications protocol, ↑file transfer protocol, ↑FTP, ↑standard generalized markup language, ↑SGML, ↑font cartridge, ↑cartridge font, ↑screen font, ↑raster font, ↑domain name, ↑programming language, ↑programing language, ↑object-oriented programming language, ↑object-oriented programing language, ↑icon, ↑title bar, ↑packet, ↑error, ↑computer error, ↑hardware error, ↑disk error, ↑software error, ↑programming error, ↑semantic error, ↑run-time error, ↑runtime error, ↑syntax error, ↑algorithm error, ↑seek, ↑crash, ↑head crash, ↑disk pack, ↑disc pack, ↑field, ↑bit field, ↑disk space, ↑disc space, ↑disk overhead, ↑overhead, ↑power user, ↑programmer, ↑computer programmer, ↑coder, ↑software engineer, ↑resolution, ↑data processing, ↑execution, ↑instruction execution, ↑fragmentation, ↑iteration, ↑looping, ↑loop, ↑operation, ↑retrieval, ↑storage, ↑baud, ↑baud rate, ↑megaflop, ↑MFLOP, ↑million floating point operations per second, ↑teraflop, ↑trillion floating point operations per second, ↑MIPS, ↑million instructions per second, ↑parity bit, ↑parity, ↑check bit, ↑block, ↑bad block, ↑partition, ↑capacity, ↑formatted capacity, ↑unformatted capacity, ↑time sharing, ↑access time, ↑run-time, ↑seek time, ↑track-to-track seek time, ↑bits per second, ↑bps, ↑rotational latency, ↑latency, ↑command processing overhead time, ↑command processing overhead, ↑command overhead, ↑real time, ↑rasterize, ↑scroll, ↑iterate, ↑clear, ↑google, ↑mapquest, ↑ping, ↑write, ↑save, ↑overwrite, ↑netmail, ↑spam, ↑network, ↑input, ↑concatenate, ↑cascade, ↑cybernate, ↑computerize, ↑computerise, ↑load, ↑import, ↑export, ↑spool, ↑emulate
Hyponyms: ↑object, ↑artificial intelligence, ↑AI
Part Holonyms: ↑information science, ↑informatics, ↑information processing, ↑IP

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